Our solution for professional project cost management and budgeting with Redmine

With the digitalization of business processes, more and more companies are facing the challenge of higher productivity, cost reductions and improved service quality.

Professional Redmine Plugin: Reporting

The Redmine Reporting Plugin helps to centrally and transparently manage relevant information in Redmine, measure performance and at the same time keeps an eye on the project budget..

Project budget controlling with Redmine Reporting Plugin

Redmine Reporting Plugin

Analyses, reports, budget insights and more for decision makers, stakeholders, project managers. Our suite enhances Redmine optically and in terms of content.

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Important advantages of professional project budget management with Redmine Reporting

  • Gain valuable insights into all project areas.
  • Visualize current budget status.
  • Set and use various budget time frames.
  • Set individual rates per user, per activity or per project.
  • Use out-of-the-box budget reportsor adapt existing reports to your own needs.
  • Immediately available report information based on real time data.
  • Easy export of report information to CSV, PDF or XLSX

Definition project budget in project management: The project budget describes the released, maximum available costs (business management) or funds (financial management) in the project. It is released by the client or the company management.

Examples for budget reportings

  • Projects with exceeded budget
    Displays which projects have exceeded the available budget.
  • Projects with exceeded planning hours (estimated hours)
    Shows what projects have the time estimation exceeded.
  • Projects with time exceeded planning hours (spent hours)
    Lists all projects with too much spent hours.

Project budget controlling with Redmine Reporting Plugin in different languages

Redmine can be used in many other languages besides German and English. The Redmine Reporting Plugin is also available in different languages. Redmine Reporting is part of our hosting service. Benefit from using the plugin as Self-Hosted-Solution or use our InHouse Redmine Hosting offer.

What is Redmine?

Redmine is an open source ticket system. It is very versatile and can be extended by plugins to include additional functions. It can be used as an industry solution for many business areas and enables the management of several projects at the same time.

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