The digital age also presents new challenges for company founders and start-up teams. A young company often has limited resources. Financial, personnel, time. If investors or major customer orders come into play, founders must react flexibly to the new requirements. And above all, scale quickly. Those who spend time in stressful growth phases with unnecessary trivialities lose valuable time. Here in particular, it is important to continue to focus on the essentials.

For this reason, you should rely on future-oriented tools in the Open Source area right from the start. To ensure smooth communication between founders, investors, customers & stakeholders and new employees right from the start, we support startups from different industries in the introduction of flexibly expandable and budget-friendly open source solutions.

Flexibly expandable and budget-friendly means:

  • No additional license costs for growth.
  • Low, calculable, monthly costs if fail-safe operation, maintenance & support is required.
  • No limits: No matter how many projects you want to manage with the tool. No matter how many employees have to work with the tool.
  • No hardware restrictions: Operation in the cloud or on your own server or an own virtual server instance - everything is possible.
  • Own branding: for better user acceptance and to strengthen your brand, we implement your corporate design right from the start.

Open Source solutions from AlphaNodes for digital pioneers

We deliver open source solutions that cover the important factors such as resources, work steps, deadlines, communication of all project participants as well as project evaluation and provide the necessary overview.

With tools such as Redmine, not only large or long-term projects can be coordinated. You have the possibility to create tasks (To-dos) for all participants at a central point. This helps to structure the work within the team. The resulting transparency prevents unnecessary duplication of work. Everybody sees alike:

  • What are the others working on?
  • What progress is he/she making?
  • Where can I help?

The task function makes it easier to document the course of the project, as well as time bookings and thus better planning for the next time.

The roadmap function helps to define so-called milestones in order to define sub-steps of the individual work or to specify the time schedule.

The ability to extend functionality also helps to coordinate intangible resources such as employee working hours or to generate reports for stakeholders/investors.

The capabilities of tools from the Open Source area are manifold. We help you make the right decisions right from the start. So that you can fully concentrate on your goal, we are your partner: from installation, configuration to training, as well as regular system support.

We have services that suits your needs and move your business forward.

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