Our alternative offer to use Redmine without your own server

If you don’t have your own server and can get by with the basic functions of Redmine, we offer Redmine hosting in the cloud (server location Germany) at the following conditions.

Own serverCloud
Are you interested in Self-Hosting?Hosting R30
30 GB Storage
120,00 EUR*
Hosting R60
60 GB Storage
240,00 EUR*
Hosting R100
100 GB Storage
299,00 EUR*
Hosting R200
200 GB Storage
399,00 EUR*
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Services running
  • Redmine
  • Git

Services running
  • Redmine
  • Git
  • Nextcloud
Services running
  • Redmine
  • Git
  • Nextcloud
Services running
  • Redmine
  • Git
  • Nextcloud
Advantages Subervision (of your own server)Advantages Managed Redmine Hosting (Cloud)
  • Data is stored in own infrastructure
  • stepless control over hardware limits
  • savings of internal team resources
  • up-to-date, secure, performant Redmine
  • fast, affordable entry
  • reduction of internal (technical) deployment barriers
  • saving of internal resources
  • reduction of administrative burden and obstacles
  • AlphaNodes Redmine plugins included *)
  • Setup time: within 24 hours
Other package features:Hosting R30Hosting R60Hosting R100Hosting R200
Server location of your own server instanceGermany
Our servers, on which we run our offers, are located at a leading data center in Germany (Bavaria). The data center park is equipped with state-of-the-art security technology (24/7 monitoring, access controls), has a modern early fire detection system, redundant UV systems and is fully air-conditioned.
Unrestricted, own Redmine instance, Optimized Redmine standard configuration (optimized workflows, permissions, security settings, plugins - incl. Redmine DB, Redmine Passwords, Redmine Reporting, HRM, Redmine Additionals), unlimited projects, unlimited users
Support, Updates, SecurityDaily Backup, 24/7 system monitoring for redundant server operation, regular System / Redmine / Plugin updates as well as customer email support¹, free data import of existing Redmine data, encrypted data transfer (SSL)
Unlimited Traffic
Git Team Server, access via SSH and HTTPS, manageable with Redmine
Access URL over SSL applies to Redmine, Git, Nextcloud and Jenkins (https://yoursubdomain.alphanodes.net)
Options:Hosting R30Hosting R60Hosting R100Hosting R200
Corporate Identity - own Redmine branding (Logo, Header, Footer)¹
Evaluation, function adaptations, installation of additional plugins¹
Jenkins extension possible¹---
¹ additional costs arise / commercial plugins are only part of the instances hosted by us. Upon termination of the hosting contract, the right to use the plugin automatically expires. In this case you have to use an annual license if you want to use the plugin independently from the hosting. As Open Source Client solution for file synchronization we recommend Sparkleshare (e.g. in combination with package R30) and for large amounts of data and external sharing Nextcloud (included from package R60).

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*) Monthly price is for a Redmine installation from the date of provision of our service. Payment terms: prepayment. All information without guarantee. A change of the conditions is possible at any time. Our offer is aimed at business customers. We are obliged to charge the legally prescribed value added tax additionally. The above prices are net prices and do not include VAT. Managed Hosting customers can use our provided commercial plugins (DB, Reporting, Passwords, HRM) free of charge during the rental period of one of our packages according to the terms of use. Minimum term is 1 month. Fair: Without setup fee! Cancel monthly! Package upgrade possible at any time!

Best of Siegel