Redmine runs centrally on a server, and users interact with it through web browsers from any computer. We establish the server environments (Linux) for your Redmine installation on your server.

This includes all necessary software packages as well as functional, security relevant and high performance relevant options. High availability surrounding is also possible, if needed.

Security tip: In order to protect you from data loss automated data backup setup is also part of our service.

What does own server mean?

You have a server in your own data center or at a hosting provider that is exclusively available to you. However, a so-called dedicated server (or virtual dedicated server) must also be administered and maintained by the customer (you).

Not everyone has the administration skills of a Linux environment. And it is not everyone’s business to keep their own server up to date. This requires a great deal of expertise and usually costs time that should be invested in your core business. However, this cannot be avoided with a dedicated server. That is why we take over the installation as well as the monthly work and save you the administrative effort.

In case you need help installing Linux on your server (e.g. Debian 9, Ubuntu 18.04 minimal installation) let us know if we should assist you.