You have a concrete vision, the concept for your project is at hand and your team is ready to go. Great! We assist you personally with the implementation of our solutions.

We set up a Redmine project for your individually planned procedures (e.g. agile working with Scrum or Kanban, Redmine as a tool for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)). In order to achieve the optimum result, we will work out the requirements together with you, on the basis of which we take over the project setup. We create the workflows with you and define/document the processes for the application, in which, for example, the following is documented:

  • Who approves an issue?
  • How do I approve an issue?
  • What do I do if I have been assigned to an issue?
  • Where are the specifications stored?
  • Which fields must be filled in during creation?
  • Which issue type (task tracker) is used for what?

In most projects the introduction of a ticket system fails because no clear rules have been worked out and communicated with the team (and not because of the “wrong” ticket system).

We have services that suits your needs and move your business forward.