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Сравнение функций

Features v3.0.2

= inclusive / = add-on due to Reporting / = optional

Multilingual user interface (*only DE, EN)ReportingHRMAutomationDevOps*DBPasswordsWikiGuide
Rest API formatsReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Collaboration and Productivity enhancementsReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Remote work support
Macro support (up to 50+ depending on the plugin)
Mermaid diagram and flowchart macro
Macro for graphviz graphs in wikiNew
Individual dropdown menus per user type
Automation of Issues (Scheduled, Save events)
Automation of Projects (Scheduled, Save events)
Automation of Users (Scheduled, Save events, Login events)
Automation of Spent time entries (Scheduled, Save events)
Automation of DB entries (Scheduled, Save events)New
Workflow automation
Easy usage: No-Code rules
Quick-Start: Ready-to-use rule templates and time schedules
Rule conditions correspond to the respective query list filters
Quick-Start: Data import of spreadsheet (e.g. Excel) records via CSV
Easy access: Simple data relation adding withing issues and existing entries
Easy, centralized access to stored data records project-related and cross-project
Security and accessReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Access via custom roles and permissions
System wide application log (useful for e.g. security manager, data privacy manager)
More security with less permissions: Centralized user management without administration permissions
More security with less permission: HRM permissions per user type assignement
Interval and rule setup for Administrators, only
GDPR compliant anonymization / deletion optionNew
Password access restrictions for project members only (Admins, Non-Members do not)
Encrypted password storage (AES 256 CBC)
Configurable (company specific) password generator and password categories
Creation and sharing of privat passwords with other team menbers (Admin view excluded)
High business impactReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Time schedule usage for: Spent time entry and Issue repeats
More targeted notifications and reminder options based on individual rules and schedules
Enterprise Essentials: Dashboard supportReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Customizable Redmine Home page
Customizable Project overview page
Customizable HRM overview page
Easy Drag & Drop dashboard Design
10+ built in dashboard block integrations
Unlimited number of dashboards (personal, public, per user roles)
Custom queries for issue lists (filterable, searchable)
Custom queries for project list (filterable, searchable)
Project budget and hourly rates (in various currencies)
Font Awesome Icon Support
Multi project list view (Board, Table, Flowchart, Diagrams, Treemaps)
Custom queries for Users, Groups, Project members
Flexible working hours calendars
Custom menus for user types
Custom field diagrams for visual evaluations
Using variables for content customiziation (within rules, issues, spent time entries)
Default field configuration per DB type
Enterprise Essentials: ReportingReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Custom fields support
Additional filter and options for report lists
Various reports (lists, graphs, diagrams)
Reporting export formats (e.g. Atom, CSV, XLSX)
Branded PDF export of list views (Project list, Version list, Issue list, Issue detailed view, Spent time)
Branded PDF export of HRM attendances (e.g. monthly, yearly etc.)
Workflow visualization (Section: Tracker, Workflow, Issue edit mode)New
Graphical reports with Diagrams, Tree maps
Custom branding on reports (e.g.Logo)
Administration area statistics
User reports
Simple password statistics
Security audits to check password parameters
Enterprise Essentials: SearchReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Better Live SearchNew
Tagging Support
Enterprise Essentials: Issue analysisReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Round trips, Issue life time, Due date by version
Counter boxes for better usability
SLA support for issues based on priority
Additional SLA filter options for issues
History lists for: Priority, Assigned to, % completed, Estimated time
Cross-project version list for issue progress watch
Additional filter options for issue repeats
Resource allocation problems / hints for for resource planning relevant issues
Enterprise Essentials: Resource managementReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Hourly rates support (cross-project, project specific)
Supports Multiple locations & Shifts (working hours)
Attendance management (Office, Remote etc.)
Holiday management
Spent time resource view (as filterable table or Tree map)
User capacity management (Cross-project, Project-related, User-related workload)
Filterable resource view (e.g. user groups, departments etc.)
Resource management for upcoming sprints
Attendance export (CSV, XLSX, PDF)
User calendar for attendances, holidays, tasks, business meetings (ICS export)
Absence calendar (ICS export)
Bulk approvals for attendances
Enterprise Essentials: Employee Self-ServiceReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Extended User profile (additional information, attendances and time sheets, calendar, resources, pperformance, hourly rate history)
Extended Wiki functionality (Project Wiki LiveSearch, Voting, Orphaned pages, Missing pages, Confidential pages, Tags)New
Global Wiki Page (Cross-project Live Search, Popular pages, Latest pages, Updated pages, My updated pages)New
Wiki Guide buttons (TAGs for categorisation)New
Tagging of wiki pagesNew
Information Hub (DevOps / GitOps)NeuReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Connect external Git repositories or other DevOps tools to Redmine (GitHub, GitLab, Redmine, Jenkins, Zabbix).
Linking of commits in the external Git repository with Redmine tickets possible
Information output of development relevant actions within a Redmine project by means of div. dashboard blocks
Product service (12 month support licence)ReportingHRMAutomationDevOpsDBPasswordsWikiGuide
Plugin Updates (Features, Bug Fixes)
Documentation access (DE, EN)
Documentation integration with your Redmine (via Token)
Support via Helpdesk Issue (DE, EN)
Access customer area & FAQ
Phone & Chatnot included / nicht inkludiert
Acceptance / processing of support requestsMo - Fr: 9am to 5pm german time / Mo - Fr: 9.00 - 17 Uhr
All Plugins together as Full-Stack-BundleEnterprise+ (Learn more)

= Included function.
= plus all the benefits of the Reporting Plugin, which is required as base.
= function only available if this additional AlphaNodes Plugin is installed on your system.

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