Redmine DB

Redmine Plugin for Redmine 3.4.x

Created by AlphaNodes, 2016-2020.

Knowledge is Power

Make your Redmine project management tool more powerful with Redmine DB plugin.

Redmine DB Plugin

Say goodbye to your spreadsheets or data base tools

like MS Excel or MS Access

The DB Plugin makes data collaboration in project teams more easy

The DB Plugin solves one big problem

Guarantee all team members to view and manage project-relevant data entries with all information in a central location and share them (in real-time) in a secure way with everyone involved.


  • Manage project records
  • Assignment of user-defined fields to DB type
  • Filter functions and options like for issues


  • Simple data import and export (CSV, XLS)
  • Tagging for a better categorisation
  • Simple linking with other areas of Redmine

Area of application

  • Industry & Science
  • Public institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Business companies
  • Individual departments
  • Whole project teams
  • Individual administrators

Examples of usage


  • Manage your inventory (Office, Warehouse, Building etc.)
  • When did you buy something?
  • Where is it located?
  • How long is it in use?

Asset management

  • Manage your property, plan and equipment (e.g. machinery, industrial plant, infrastructure and buildings)
  • Upload your corresponding data and plans

Management of scientific work, Study results & Researches

  • Prototype information
  • Specialist areas or degree courses
  • Results or sequences
  • Resources

Licence management

  • Who bought what?
  • When?
  • How long is it valid?
  • Who is responsible for it?

Redmine DB Plugin

Make your project management more powerful!

AlphaNodes GmbH