Redmine Reporting Plugin

Professional Plugin for Redmine

Created by AlphaNodes, 2016-2020.

Knowledge is power

Reporting Plugin

All your project data, metrics and insights in one place.

Redmine Reporting


  • 4 challenges to win
  • 3 interesting fields of application

Challenge 1

Project list

Make the project list customizable and as informational as possible.


Reporting project list

Project List

  • Real-time "Live Search" for quick results
  • Create and share custom table views
  • Keep track of your budget
  • Become creative with Font Awesome

Challenge 2

Projects with budget

Keep track of your expenses and compare them with your team's progress.


Reporting project budget

Project budget

  • Watch over your project due date
  • Define different Budget times and types
  • Set your member's hourly rate

Challenge 3


Project metrics that matter - in one centralized place.


Reporting reports


  • Project based & cross-project based
  • With project, issue, time log and user data
  • Branded report output (PDF) for clients or stakeholders.

Challenge 4


Provide a quick access to data that is important to you but usually hidden.


Reporting watchlist


  • for projects
  • for wiki pages
  • for contacts, db and passwords (if installed)

3 Fields of application

  • Lots of projects
  • Time logging
  • Budget management

Lots of projects

  • get large project lists under control
  • build custom queries for roles
  • set default view system or user specific

Time logging

  • Detailed report of logged user times
  • Time entries grouped by project, activity, date, user, issues, budget type ...

Budget management

  • get lists of projects with exceeded budget
  • see planned and actual data reports
  • keep track of your project by visual budget control


Knowledge is power!

Reporting Plugin

Make your project management more powerful!

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