Redmine Reporting

Plugin for Redmine. Open source project management software

Created with love by AlphaNodes, 2018. Use the Space key or the arrow keys to navigate through all slides.

Hello and welcome to our introduction session on Redmine Reporting Plugin in about 5 minutes.

Knowledge is power

Reporting Plugin

All your project data, metrics and insights in one place.

Improve planning and risk management in real-time.

Reporting Plugin

Redmine Reporting v1.5.x

Latest features

  • 3 challenges to win
  • 3 interesting fields of application

Challenge 1

TAGs for Project list

After making the project list customizable and as informational as possible we thought it is also important to implement TAGs.


Reporting project list

Project List with TAGs

  • Categorize your projects with TAGs
Reporting project TAGs

Challenge 2

SLA for issues

Keep track of your team's progress against agreements you've set for your customers expenses.


SLA for issues

SLA for issues

  • Project related SLA configuration
  • Time metrics for SLA issues
  • SLA reports to track success of your SLA metrics
SLA for Issues

Challenge 3

Problem Management Log

Global system log to provide authorized users with a view of all activities within Redmine (ITIL compliant).


Problem Management Log

Problem Management Log

  • Access via administration area
  • Filterable list view of all activities
  • Export via CSV file
Reporting Log

3 Fields of application

  • Lots of projects
  • Time logging
  • Budget management

Lots of projects

  • get large project lists under control
  • build custom queries for roles
  • set default view system or user specific

Time logging

  • Detailed report of logged user times
  • Time entries grouped by project, activity, date, user, issues, budget type ...

Budget management

  • get lists of projects with exceeded budget
  • see planned and actual data reports
  • keep track of your project by visual budget control


Knowledge is power!

Reporting Plugin

Make Redmine more powerful

AlphaNodes GmbH

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Complete feature list of Redmine Reporting

  • Project list as table (customizable with lots of filters and options)
  • Treemap view of project metrics
  • PDF export with corporate header for time entries and project reports
  • Taggable projects
  • SLA features for issue handling
  • System Log for all actions (included deleted data - ITIL conform)
  • Budget and rate management for projects
  • Watch list for users
  • FontAwesome support for projects
  • Customizable issue counter
  • Issue round trip support
  • Visual charts and statistics on projects, issues & project independent stuff
  • Custom field for project relations
  • List last user logins
  • File list - all files in one list