We establish the necessary processes in a project and help to maintain them in the long term. On the basis of your target definition and the project requirements, we select the optimal technologies for the intended use. As part of our consulting services, we introduce proven open source tools into projects or business processes and help employees to use them efficiently over the long term.

We are specialized in the following open source tools, which are used for project management and the development of products and services.


as distributet versioning control system


as web based and more secure project management software or bug tracking system. More about Redmine


as web based Continuous Integration server


as automation tool for projects, apps and infrastructure. More about Ansible


as Content Management System (CMS) and PHP framework. Flexible, scalable, modern and open source.

Matomo (formerly known as Piwik)

as open source Webanalytics Tool


as more secure Dropbox replacement. More about SparkleShare


for secure file synchronization for enterprises. More about OwnCloud


Jekyll is a simple static site generator without database requirement. Written in Ruby it is distributed under an open source license.

We have services that suits your needs and move your business forward.


The reason for our open source passion

We rely on open source solutions because they are tried, tested and trusted - all over the world. They have been trusted in the world’s most rigorous datacenters. They handle everything from the critical to the routine. They have been in practical use for a very long time and the source code is publicly available. Who uses open source software is usually vendor and service-independent and often has a strong community standing behind it.

The opposite of open source is proprietary software. This is maintained by a manufacturer and here the source code is generally not made public. The manufacturer reserves the right of development for the software. As a buyer your license depends on the development. As well as care packages, maintenance, support and pricing - it’s all concerned by the manufacturer.