The first Drupal may hiking tour 2009 is organized by members ob the Drupal User Group Munich. Participants are devolopers, designers, themer and people with interest in Drupal from munich, Lenggries and surrounding.

  • Group of interest: Drupal developer, people interesting in Drupal, PHPler, themer and designer with a little passion for hiking.
  • Our aim: Networking, having fun and talking about Drupal
  • Where are we going to: Schliersee, Schliersbergalm
  • Required hiking skills: easy tour
  • Appointment: 1st May 2009
  • Start time: 10.30 am
  • Where we meet: Brauneck- and Wallbergbahnen, Gilgenhöfe 28, 83661 Lenggries
  • End time: 5 pm

Tour data: Garlandweg” (No. 9):

  • Reiseralm -> Niederleger
  • Skiclubsesselliftstation
  • Steilhang
  • Garlandsessellift
  • Garlandhang
  • Bergwachthaus
  • Bergstation Brauneckbahn 1.520 m.

The hiking tour takes place in Schliersee and will take about 2 - 2,5 hours, aiming Schliersbergalm. There we will grap a bite to eat, talk a little and afterwards go back to the train station, for a ride home.

What you will need

  • Hiking shoes
  • Fitting clothes according to the weather
  • Something to eat and a smile on your face

We will meet at

Brauneck- and Wallbergbahnen, Gilgenhöfe 28, 83661 Lenggries. Watch out for our yellow “Drupal” sign.