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Jitsi Managed Application Services and Hosting


If you are looking for a privacy friendly video conferencing platform running on your own server, the open source tool Jitsi is the right choice. Jitsi is an alternative to Zoom. It does not store user data and allows the encrypted application.

If you are uncomfortable with video conferencing in the cloud of a company based in the USA, because you have to make sure that no recordings are made or data is collected by unauthorized third parties, then you should decide to use Jitsi InHouse.

Jitsi is then as secure as you want it to be. And the handling for the user is as easy as possible. It is enough to call a URL in the browser. And a registration of your users for an online meeting is no longer necessary.

Our Jitsi Managed Application Services

For the best possible, safe and error-free operation, we proactively take over the regular care and maintenance of your Jitsi application. Update management, security updates, monitoring, technical support.

Privacy friendly on your own server (InHouse Managed Hosting).

Advantages InHouse Hosting

  • Savings of internal resources and relief of the own IT department
  • Reduction of administrative burden and administrative barriers
  • Fixed, calculable monthly costs
  • Always up-to-date, secure, high-performance application
  • 24/7 monitoring (availability and performance)

Jitsi (InHouse Server)

You want to run Jitsi on your own server at your company or at a hoster of your choice? Then our InHouse-Operation Package is a possible good choice for you.
Advantages InHouse Hosting

Advantages Managed Hosting InHouse

  • Increased data security: data is stored in your own infrastructure
  • Stepless control over hardware limits
  • No limitation (e.g. number of accesses, data volumes, users etc.)
  • Monthly budget is within a manageable range
  • Saving internal resources. Relief of the own IT department

A regularly maintained server usually runs more stable and secure. However, in many companies, the time to carry out these important maintenance tasks regularly and, above all, in a prompt way usually fails. We take over this service for you.

It's very simple

You allocate us a Linux server instance:

  • physical server or virtual instance
  • this is located either in your company or in an external data center of your choice

With our operating package we ensure that:

  • Jitsi runs stable and performant on your own server
  • and the costs are within the range that can be planned.

We take over for you

  • Professional installation and setup, as well as operational provision of the Jitsi Application on the server
  • Implementation and maintenance of the update management for the underlying Linux operating system, Jitsi instance
  • Automatic, real-time security updates of the operating system and Jitsi during operation.
  • Operation and fault clearance
  • Provision of management access (administrator authorization for Jitsi)


  • Support and individual services (remote)

Technical support regarding the care of the server environment (in case of malfunctions and failures) are usually included in the monthly package price. Not included are development services, consulting, user support or other (configuration) services that go beyond the technical support of the server. As well as post installation / activation of additional functionality, AddOns, Plugins, Libraries etc. Extra costs are charged for these services. A claim to support services in this context does not exist.
The operation of additional software that requires root permission for installation or operation is fundamentally not possible.

Pricing Jitsi Managed Hosting

With our Jitsi Hosting service you can use it data friendly and always up-to-date on your own server.

JitsiOwn ServerCloud
Operation packageInHouseOn our server
Monthly fee (payable in advance by bank transfer or Paypal)195,00 EUR
No limitations
On request
Access via Browser (e.g. Chrome) or Smartphone App
Unlimited Meeting rooms
Server location: Germany¹)
Max. users / room (performance limit)¹) 75 (recommended 15)
Storage, Memory¹)
Unlimited traffic¹)
No software limitations¹)
Own IP address¹)
Own domain possible¹)
Setup fee, one-time300,00 EUR
Jitsi Meet features
Video conference, Screensharing, Participant invitation via URL, individual
room names, password protection possible, Chat, Video quality adjustments

¹) InHouse: Support of Open Source applications, which are operated on your server in your infrastructure. The location as well as the performance of the InHouse server instance depends on the hardware / resources provided by the customer. No restrictions or limitations.

Security: The transmission of data and access to the server is encrypted (SSL). Access via SSH and HTTPS is possible. Access URL via SSL (applies to Redmine, Nextcloud, Matomo).

Pricing: Exclusively sold to business customers. All prices are net prices and may be subject to German sales tax. If you order our products outside of Germany, other sales tax rates may apply.

We have services that suits your needs and move your business forward.

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Conditions (InHouse and Cloud)

  • All pricing in EUR and net. Monthly billing in advance, only.
  • Minimum period: 1 month. Can be cancelled 2 weeks before the end of the service period.
  • E-mail support: Acceptance of error messages, technical support requests, other activities exclusively via the customer area
  • Troubleshooting, answering support requests according to the "Best Effort" principle within our service hours
  • Service hours: Mon - Fri from 9:00 to 17:00 (CET/CEST) with the exception of public holidays (BY, D)
  • Contract for order processing (AVV): An AVV in accordance with GDPR is concluded in the course of our chargeable hosting services. The documents are available to customers in the customer area after you have placed an offical order.

Additional setup conditions (InHouse)

  • Down payment for customers outside Germany: When the final order is placed, a down payment of 100% of the ordered positions is due. The customer will receive an invoice with concrete payment information. To be paid by the customer to us before the start of work (via PayPal or bank transfer to german bank account). The remaining amount (for other services, development etc.) is then payable on completion of the work in accordance with the term of payment from our final invoice.

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