Important Features

  • Project navigation on project overview page
  • Global header and footer for all projects
  • Global sidebar support
  • Welcome box on login page
  • Info box on “new ticket” page (e.g. for ticket rules)
  • Macros for wiki user, projects, date, twitter, calender, gist code snippets, Garfield comic strip, YouTube and Vimeo videos and more
  • External URL-settings
  • Change of internal help link in top menu and removal of “My page” links in top menu
  • Top menu links can be changed
  • Hide modules for projects
  • Open external URLs in a new window and use anonymous referrer (if needed)
  • Gist code snippet integration in wiki pages
  • Project list with an “Add new issue” button


New: The current plugin documentation as well as the changelog information is now provided by Free document hosting project - Read the Docs, and publicly available at: Documentation Status


Plugin-Download URL at Github:

Redmine macros cheat sheet

Download a useful Redmine macros cheat sheet on our german blog. The document is available in english.