Find out more about our Redmine managed hosting solution potential as central knowledge management platform for your company and team and in order to structure your information chaos.

All our solutions contain a system independent wiki in order to setup and manage data and information collaboration, as well as discussion forums and document management. That’s the only way to distribute internal knowledge around the globe with your colleagues and partners. And to improve your chance of growth.

Enterprise knowledge management with Redmine (Searching and finding)
A user is looking for something
CurrentlyWith AlphaNodes Redmine managed hosting
- In his notes, - in eMails, - in the CRM, - in Outlook, - in the Intranet, - on your file server, - on his desktop (files), - the USB-stick, - in the Drop-Box system, - in Office documents, - Excel sheets, - on PC A or PC B, - etc.On the centrally available AlphaNodes managed Redmine instance, provided by your company. - Simply using the search field, - using filter functions - using the activity index
Result of the two search processes
Without knowledge management platform - Inefficient - Nerve-stretching - Time-consumingWith our soltuion as knowledge management platform - Efficient - Secure - Simple - Quick - Central