FAQ on our Redmine online courses

What is eLearning?

eLearning courses allow the person, moving through the course at his/her own pace. These courses are not taught by a live instructor. It is up to you as learner to go through the material alone.

On Demand

Our online course is designated as “On Demand”, which means you may access and view it at your convenience as many times as you wish within the time restriction (subscription period) after your date of purchase.

If your employees will access the applicable course under your company account / personal account you are responsible for your employees’ compliance with the applicable terms and conditions and for any and all actions taken by your employees with respect to the training service.


We offer no refund on Courses. Even if you do not schedule, attend or view it within your subscription time / after purchase.


The requirements to view our online courses are the same as visiting a regular web site:

  • Unrestricted Internet access (you must be connected to the Internet)
  • Up-to-date Internet browser like Firefox or Google Chrome (HTML5 capable browser) - recent versions only! Internet Explorer may cause problems.
  • No Pop-up blogger (because of a htaccess protection)
  • To verify that you can access our course content is to view our free online sample at our Webinar page

The course material is a mix of slides and imbedded videos. To navigate within our course content use your mouse and click on the arrows at the right bottom of each page. Or Use the Space key or the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through.

It is also possible to press ESC to enter the slide overview if you wish to go back or forward to a specific slide.


The language of the slides is english only (EN). The slides content contains text passages, images and some video material. There is no sound or speaker voice implemented. For that case you can use a TTS-Reader App or Browser Plugin that works for web sites and use it on your PC.


You’ll have access to each course for 30 days from date of purchase. After your purchase you get an email from our digital Third-Party-Provider DPD that contains:

  • the URL to the web course
  • a personal access token
  • instructions how to access the login screen

In case the email does not arrive within 30 minutes after your purchase check on your SPAM file as well and add the sender (DPD) to your address book.

Ready-to-use presentation

You may not share your access acount with others. But you can use the material as a Ready-to-use presentation to show your boss or your team what Redmine is capable of. If you do so, you must use it as it is. You must not modify it.

To use the slides as presentation you have the following additional options if the slide is opened in an up-to-date web browser:

  • Speaker view: Press the S-key to start it. It includes a timer and a preview of the upcoming slide (deactivate pop-up blogger!).
  • Take a moment key: Press B-key on your keyboard to pause the presentation. Helpful if you want to take distracting slides off the screen.
  • Point of view: Press ESC-Key to enter the slide overview.

Find out how it works on our free sample. If it does not work your browser does not support / is blogging it.