We offer individual Redmine workshops for your employees. They will learn how to get started with Redmine or how to use Redmine (more) efficiently in your company specific workflows.

InHouse workshops

Depending on the individual requirements, we clarify the training requirements together with you and define the goals to be achieved (individual and project-related). Inhouse seminars and trainings take place on your premises according to agreed dates. This type of training is suitable for project teams consisting of at least 5 employees, all of whom must be trained at the same time.

Your benefit

We impart the necessary specialist knowledge to your employees in a targeted manner. We can respond more specifically to the company’s internal project and infrastructure. Knowledge gaps are closed in good time, existing knowledge bases are refreshed and expanded.

Redmine Workshops (german only)

Workshops for decision makers:

  • Redmine structuring workshop: if Redmine is already used but the procedure / basis is unclear or uncertainties exist what is necessary.
  • Redmine strategy workshop: if Redmine is planned to be used and to clarify in advance what the goals are, what Redmine can do and whether the goals can be achieved with Redmine.

Workshops for users:

  • Redmine developer workshop (users working with the source code)
  • Redmine User Workshop (all users and project managers / product managers)
  • Project Management with Redmine (Project managers only)

Contact us for a non-binding offer. Alternatively, we also offer our web based training material (eLearning offer) without trainer in English for the first meeting or for self-study.

Web-based online training (eLearning)

Web based Redmine introduction

Redmine online course (eLearning)

New to Redmine? Start here for the basics. With our on Demand online course on Redmine (Language: English)

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