We support creative teams from the film and media industry with open-source solutions that facilitate the management of tasks for the production crew, sales and marketing in film projects. No matter how big or small the film project or the team is. No matter how short or long the project is. We help to integrate a solution that helps everyone involved to work together from anywhere. So everyone knows at any time what to do, where to find the necessary information.

Powerful, can be used for any number of projects and users

We implement and ensure cost-effective solutions depending on the purpose of use,

  • that production teams (post-production teams), marketing teams etc. can work flexibly - from anywhere,
  • that everyone in the team carries out their tasks effectively and transparently and has a central point of contact for this purpose,
  • that team members have comprehensive insight into the nature and scope of the activities to be carried out and can quickly and easily access the information and documents provided.
  • The project manager has a tool at their disposal with which they can control their team and the distribution of tasks more effectively, keep track of the budget and meet deadlines.

Film projects do not differ much from classic projects in the service or product area. From planning and implementation to post-processing and ultimately acceptance by so-called “stakeholders”, almost all areas are covered by the management of conventional projects.

There is a manager who monitors production and distributes the tasks (work packages) to the team and ensures that both the time schedule and the available budget are met. What used to be done via e-mail, Excel and the like can now be better solved via web application.

Use cases

Our open source solutions for project management in film production provide the following possibilities:

  • Task creation for planning, implementation, post-production of projects in the film business
  • Coordination of the entire team
  • Announcements
  • Document Storage / Information Storage
  • Wiki for storing relevant production information (locations, props, costume design, mask design, shooting schedule, excerpts from scripts, suppliers, etc.)

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