We support teams from research and science in evaluating and implementing innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet the structural and financial requirements of an institution that relies on research funding or public funding and yet offer real added value.

Our Open Source solutions are tailored to your needs and are independent of both providers and service providers. They are so flexible that they can also be individually adapted to future research projects.

Facilitate scientific team collaboration

Both public and private research institutes use web-based open source applications for everyday tasks.

  • For example, to centrally document marketable inventions or basic research.
  • All participants have access to relevant data across all standards.
  • Control coordinated collaboration within individual research institutions.
  • Provide donors with a transparent overview of ongoing projects.
  • Manage and coordinate current and upcoming projects.

Research institutions benefit from open source software due to the manageable licensing costs. In addition, the activity of the community makes them more stable in their range of functions, safe in use and quickly available without major obstacles.

We have services that suits your needs and move your business forward.

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