Without sufficient working capacity, no project will achieve its goal on time. Employee resources are among the critical factors for project success. But how do you recognize which members of your team are overloaded with tasks?

The Redmine HRM Plugin makes it easy to keep track of the project activities of your team members. It gives hints on possible problems and helps you to tackle them in time. Before it is too late.

Within a project there is a menu item Resources in the App menu. Open here the resource overview in the table view Planned hours with the scaling Day. Then you will see immediately where possible problems with the task can lie to individual employees. The following screenshot explains what you have to pay attention to.

Redmine HRM Plugin Resource planning
Visually, it is immediately apparent in the resource view that there are problems. A look at the legend helps. Hover texts provide additional information.

Recognize employee overload

With the Redmine HRM Plugin you can get a good overview of the workload of your employees in the resource view with the scaling tag.

This way you can see that there are problems with employees with the assigned tasks:

  • 1) In the totals above the resource view, the total available hours is displayed as a negative value in red.
  • 2) In the left user column, a red hint icon is displayed in the Info section. One click on it and you jump to the info box Hints / Problems in Resource Allocation.
  • 3) There are entries in the Hints / Problems in resource allocation box below the resource view.
  • 4) In the resource view itself there are entries highlighted in red (see legend).

Note: The totals above the resource view are always related to the selected period and the set filters and options.

Troubleshoot problems

At the end of the resource view the box Hints / Problems in the resource allocation can be displayed. It only appears if there are any problems with the assigned issues with regard to resource planning (e.g. timeouts, delays, etc.).

As already mentioned above, you jump to the info box of the respective team member by clicking on the red hint symbol in the info column.

Redmine HRM Plugin Resource planning
The notes / problems in the resource allocation list identified incidents and facilitate problem solving.

Error messages and possible solutions

Depending on the size of the company and the organisational structure, the identified problems can be solved quickly and easily. The messages in the information box should help. Here are three examples of how malfunction messages and the associated possible solutions look like:

Example 1: Expenditure already exceeds the estimated hours.

  • Solution: Check the time estimate for the ticket and adjust it if necessary.

Example 2: Issue will be delayed. The submission date is xy. Planned end is xy.

  • Solution: The message often has something to do with ticket priority. Tickets with high priority have to be processed sooner. If not desired, the priority of the ticket should be checked and changed.

Example 3: Timeout on last scheduled day xy.

  • Solution: Too many hours were estimated for this task or the issue was started too late. The issue will not be completed on time with the available time capacity. Check ticket details such as delivery date, estimated hours, assigned user and adjust if necessary. Alternatively, the issue must be assigned to another team member with free capacity.

Online Demo: Resource Planning

If you want to learn more about the day view information of the Redmine HRM plugin, have a look at our plugin online demo. There you can test all functions of the Redmine resource management. More information is also available on our product page and on the webinar page.

With the Redmine HRM Plugin you can connect your employee data in a meaningful way and evaluate available resources - project-related and cross-project, as well as user-related. Thus free employee potential is optimally used for current or planned projects. The Redmine HRM Plugin is our resource management solution for Redmine. It is designed for flexible teams and supports self-management due to integrated automatisms. This provides a certain relief for detailed project planning. More infos and details on our Plugin home page: Redmine HRM Plugin