There are new versions of our professional Redmine plugins available. Beside bug fixes we also implemented some new features for you. The most important things are summarized here for you.

Redmine DB v1.1.11

Besides several bug fixes, the DB plugin now supports the selection of DB types per project. This makes handling a bit easier in projects where not all types are needed and makes the list a bit clearer.

This version also supports bulk operations for journal entries. And it is possible to store a description for a user-defined query when saving.

Bulkoperationen in der DB-History
The view of a DB entry with history.

Redmine Passwords v1.2.10

Again, there were some bug fixes to the previous version regarding the password relationships in the journal entry, as well as mail notifications for new and updated password entries. In addition, journal entries are now also supported for password entries. Here it is also possible to store a description for a user-defined query in the save dialog.

Redmine Reporting v1.5.8

New in this version is the section “Versionlist”. This finally gives authorized users a central overview of all existing versions. Various filter options allow you to quickly identify open, closed, overdue versions. To uncover double versions and much more. In addition, from now on you can always assign a start date to a version. This function was originally provided by the HRM plugin and now also works in the Reporting plugin.

Versionsliste Redmine Reporting
The Version list of the Reporting Plugin.

In addition, the logo output for PDF reports has been revised. The administrator now has additional configuration options regarding the size as well as the position of the logo in the reports.

Now there is also the option to store a description for each query in the Save dialog when saving a user-defined query. This is also shown when printing query lists in the header area.

Then a lot of time was invested in the revision of the “Reports” page. Here you will not only find report templates, but generally all user-defined queries from the areas saved in the project in a central place:

  • Projects
  • Tickets
  • Logbook
  • Files
  • versions
  • as well as possibly installed additional plugins (DB, Passwords, HRM, Agile, Contacts etc.)

The list can be filtered, saved and exported (CSV, XLSX) as typical for Redmine. And with the help of the live search in the header area, it can be searched quickly.

Redmine HRM v1.3.5

There is not much new functionality in the HRM Plugin. This version is only a maintenance and bugfix release to guarantee a more stable handling of the resource management.

Convince yourself of the features of our plugins in our Online Demo. Details about the respective plugin can be found on our Product page. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact options listed on the website.

Plugin Update

The download of the plugin file mentioned here is done via the support area to which customers with a valid support license have access. There you can also find the information for the update. If you have any questions or problems, please contact our product support.