The commercial Redmine Plugin HRM (Human Resource Management) gives both superiors and employees of the human resources department more freedom for superior tasks.

At the same time, your team members gain more transparency and self-responsibility. As well as a better overview:

  • Holiday enquiries
  • Rest of vacation
  • Working time recording

All data is centrally located in the Redmine HRM Plugin. This reduces the administrative effort to a minimum.

Employee Self Service with Redmine HRM Plugin

Agile working methods have long been standard in modern companies. Flexible configurable tools such as the Redmine HRM Plugin make agile working in the entire organization as easy and efficient as possible.

This gives superiors and the personnel department the necessary freedom to perform important tasks.

Record working times, request absences. All things that employees can do themselves. The supervisor or employee in the personnel department is informed of changes requiring approval in Redmine. One click and you can devote yourself to other tasks again.

This allows users to carry out the necessary activities themselves and access information relevant to them more easily.

Record time yourself, request absences or view monthly working times. In the user account, employees can get an overview of this data at any time and have the option of entering it here and presenting it digitally to their supervisor or HR employee.

Main features

  • Requesting annual leave or other vacation
  • Reporting Sick Days
  • Paperless approvals
  • Entering working hours
  • Download working hours report (PDF)
  • All time records in the one place
  • Attendance calendar for overview on approved vacations or other leaves as well as working hours etc.
  • and much more
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Useful for:

  • HRM manager
  • Project manager
  • IT manager and Lifecycle manager
  • Decision makers
  • Projekt Portfolio manager
  • Agile Teams