Redmine Reference card

The ultimate quick reference card on Redmine issue tracking

Not everyone finds it easy to start working effectively with Redmine. We are happy to support users in a quick start by providing a quick reference card on Redmine. Find out how to create an issue, how to reply to it, how to close it and what to use the wiki toolbar for.

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Infographic Redmine HRM Plugin

Redmine HRM Plugin: Manage workload and team capacity (Infografik).

Without sufficient work capacity no project will achieve its goal on time Find out how to manage your team’s workload.

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Redmine Macros Cheat sheet

Redmine macros cheat sheet

The Redmine Macros Cheat-Sheet is your helper in the daily handling of Redmine. Not only, but especially in the beginning it helps to get to know the macros provided by various plugins and to use them correctly.

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Redmine Wiki syntax

Redmine Wiki syntax cheat sheet

The Wiki syntax is not only used in the Redmine Wiki, but in many other areas with text fields. It helps to structure your content better.

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Get to know Redmine

Fresh reading material for Redmine users and those who want to become one. Redmine ebook (german)

Plugin demo

Test the functions of the latest Redmine version and our professional as well as free Redmine plugins in our online demo. Redmine demo

More knowledge

Redmine and Plugin Webinars


Learn more in our webinars.

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Redmine blog

Redmine blog

Visit our blog on Redmine and Redmine plugins.

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