The commercial Redmine plugin HRM (Human Resource Management) is equipped with an integrated attendance management for your team members.

It is so flexible that your company can manage any kind of presence or absence (e.g. office, home office, vacation, illness, training etc.).

Redmine Attendance management

Attendance management: how it works

  • Users with administrator rights create the necessary attendance types.
  • Your employees manage the attendances available to them via their user profile.
  • Superiors or HR employees check and manage the registered attendances in a separate area.
  • In the HRM area, you can use filterable lists to perform various evaluations and actions for attendances. List export as PDF, CSV, XLSX

Redmine Attendance management with HRM Plugin

Redmine HRM Plugin Feature: Holiday Planning

The HRM Plugin is a function extension for Redmine. Due to the presence management it provides a possibility to display information about the approved vacation days within the resource view (scaling Day). Within a project, for all projects or for a single employee.

Useful for:

  • HRM Manager
  • Project Manager
  • IT Manager & Lifecycle Manager
  • Decision makers
  • Project Portfolio Manager

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